We are creating the first NFT Fantasy League. Season #1 starts in 2021.

How it will work?

1. Crypto artists submit their works on each stage. Each stage going 7 days. About 20-30 stages are planned per season;

2. Users within 2 weeks vote for their favorite works with the native NFTL token

3. Before the start of voting, a Draft window opens. Everyone who buys Fantasy Pass at this stage will be able to collect their Fantasy Team from authors and works, as well as indicate: the number of votes, income (author, works), auction sales, etc.

4. At the end of the voting, a 24 hour auction is held for all works in the stage

5. After the end of the auction, unsold works go to the secondary market, the winners are determined among crypto artists and Fantasy Team members.

After the launch of NFTL, we plan to use the developments to create Fantasy League on the blockchain in any area.

CyberTime Farming Week#1 from 19 to 26 February

- No pre-sales or overrated project estimates. The community itself forms a fair price for tokens. Starting prices at Uniswap: NFTL - 0.01 $ / CTF - 1 $

- Don't pay - FARM! Stake your tokens in the 18 pools and earn NFTL tokens

- 100% of NFTL tokens will be distributed to the community. 20% - Cyber Farming, 40% - Crypto Art Contests, 40% - Fantasy League

- Stake earned NFTL ‚Äč‚Äčinto the liquidity pool and receive governance token CTF (CyberTime Finance)

We create an exclusive NFT collection of 86,400 NFTs (seconds in 24 hours).

This is a performance project that develops at the expense of the community. We plan to work with authors, winners of NFT League stages to create unique NFTs.

Each author is allocated 1 minute = 60 seconds = 60 NFT, where he creates a unique work. It will be the same on all 60 NFTs, the only difference is the changing seconds. Having bought 1 NFT, a person buys 1 second from the CyberTime world.

The peculiarity of the project is that a native token will be launched. $ SEC, which will allow the owner of the NFT to make an exchange in one direction and the other at any time. This will greatly increase the liquidity of the NFT.

We will launch a voting system on the https://snapshot.page
Each owner of 8 CTF tokens can vote.

Phase 1 - This is the NFT Fantasy League platform, where we will try to implement interaction with NFT in a playful way. You don't have to buy NFT, you can be successful in creating a Fantasy Team. For NFT contributors, this is a huge potential to grow sales and increase their popularity.

Phase 2 - We are confident in the success of the NFT Fantasy League. It will start generating income from different directions (voting, Fantasy Pass, auctions, secondary market). All funds will go to the Community Development Fund and on the basis of it we want to launch the DAO accelerator of new products. The main condition is that part of the profit from these products will go to buy out CTF & NFTL tokens, which will again fall into the Community Dev Fund and so on in a circle.

Phase 3 - Based on our developments in the direction of the NFT Fantasy League, we plan to deploy the Fantasy League platform for any area. Sports, e-sports, gaming, trading. Broadly speaking, Fantasy League can be everywhere. And here independent teams will start their projects on the basis of our platform.